Hi, I'm Quinton.
I'm an Industrial & Experience Designer designing meaningful products and experiences.


Industrial Design & UX Design

Kohler Co

During my Masters studies I had the opportunity to be an Industrial Design intern at the luxury plumbing fixture company, Kohler. As part of their Smart Home design team, I designed various IOT connected consumer products and experiences. All of my work at Kohler Co. is still currently under a Non-Disclosure agreement.

Industrial Design & UX

Honeywell Home

As an Experience and Industrial Design Intern at Honeywell / Resideo I designed various smart home products and experience some of which have entered the market. All of my work at Honeywell / Resideo is still currently under a Non-Disclosure agreement.

Industrial Design & UX


Point is an ongoing personal project that aims to stop the decline of local brick-and-mortar stores by providing empowerment through better inventory and Point of Sales (POS) systems and tools. Rather than fight the giant online retailers, this project aims to be in close collaboration with a company like Amazon in order to create mutually successful hybrid retail channels.

Industrial Design & Branding


In this project I initiated the branding and product design language alignment of consumer-facing Honeywell products. This project aimed to show cohesive branding and product form throughout the company’s portfolio and ensure consumers continued trust in Honeywell products and brand.

Industrial Design & UX


As an Industrial and Experience designer at Resideo I have designed various smart home products and experiences some of which have entered the market. All of my work at Resideo is still currently under a Non-Disclosure agreement.

Industrial Design

Shure Inc.

At Shure Inc I was responsible for designing and prototyping consumer and professional audio products. I was also part of an advance development engineering group that was responsible for development of experimental products. All of my work at Shure Inc is still currently under a Non-Disclosure agreement and is not available on this site.

Conceptual Data Visualization

US Mass Shootings

This design memorializes and captures the names of almost every single person who passed away in mass shootings since 1966 up to 2018 (Time of production). The visual acts as a conceptual data visualization and memorialization of these deaths.


Mad Max 1979

In this project I created a dynamic movie poster that is inspired by the vernacular of Mad Max (1979) film universe, where rust and destruction reveals the movie release date and teaser content.

Conceptual Data Visualization

27 Club

Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Jim Morrison, Curt Cobain and Amy Winehouse, all died at the age of 27, joining the infamous “27 Club”. I designed 3 album covers to memorialize these artists but also bring awareness to drug related deaths and its correlation to fame.

Industrial Design & UX

Follow Your Color

In this project I wanted to alleviate the painful experience of going through security checkpoints when traveling internationally with meaningful design. In this project I explored various industrial, user interface, graphic and user experience design solutions.

VR Experience

11 Minutes

A conceptual and experimental narrative that shares an immersive experience of my daily commute to college and back through mobile VR environments.


Certified Good

Certified Good is an envisioned organization that ensures everything it certifies, is good for your body, soul and our planet. In this project, I visualize the organization's branding and explore how the organization can curate and deliver news that is good for your mind and mood.

Industrial Design

Next Gen Delivery Vehicle

After observing my father deliver mail for the United States Postal Service (USPS) using the traditional Long-Life Vehicle (LLV) from the 1980’s, I felt compelled to improve the overall experience for postal workers.

Experimental Work

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