Next Gen Delivery Vehicle

After observing my father deliver mail for the United States Postal Service (USPS) using the traditional Long-Life Vehicle (LLV) from the 1980’s, I was shocked at how awful the working conditions are in these Long-Life Vehicles I felt compelled to improve the overall experience for postal workers. 


I wanted to rethink the outdated and dangerous mail delivery vehicle that has been in service since 1985. I wanted the new delivery vehicle to be environmentally friendly, suitable for contemporary delivery demands and provide a safer and better working environment for postal workers.


To gain better insights into why the United States Postal Service is still using the decades old delivery vehicle, I conducted secondary research. Not only did I want to find out about the vehicle itself, but I anticipated that the postal workers would provide the most helpful insights I set out to do primary research. I created a survey to understand the worker’s needs, environment, wants and that encouraged co-creation. I managed to distribute the surveys though my father who himself was a postal worker at the time.


The outcome of this project is a larger capacity electric delivery vehicle that that can regenerate some of its energy through its frequent stopping. The new vehicle design address most of the mailmen’s human factors needs and wants. The vehicle external size footprint is largely similar to the old version but is internally more structurally efficient. The new design also bears a redesigned USPS logo and a side profile that pays homage to the shape of the old delivery vehicle.